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Forms and Applications


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General care of animals, maintenance of shelter and associated paperwork therewith, provide clean and sanitary sanctuary, nutritional food, health examinations, pre-adoption vaccinations and worming, veterinary care, socialization of animals, returning lost animals, adopting and fostering animals, answering phones, and interaction with potential adopters at shelter.

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Helps with raising funds to support organization. The society periodically holds fund-raisers. In addition, there are several ongoing projects. Tax deductible donations and memorials are gratefully accepted.

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Humane Education & Public Service

Emphasizes the importance of responsible and proper pet care to children and adults. Promotes public awareness of the organization. Provides spay and neuter rebate certificates to the public when funds are available, distributes printed literature available at the shelter, advises citizens of local and state ordinances, public service announcements through local media, gives programs to area civic organizations.

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Works with coordinating Saturday, keep statistics of number of animals impounded, adopted, claimed, relinquished, euthanized, etc. Send letter to adopters who have not altered their animals pursuant to law.

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Involves updating lists of members, gathering and disseminating membership fees, forms and card.