Two dogs looking up


In loving memory and gratitude to our family of pet lovers and advocates

Dana Motter – Feline Defender
Claudia Nichol
Loretta Fine – Forever Feline Friend
Kenneth Sloan
Lucille & Emil Bredensteiner – From Nancy Middaugh & Family
Trudy McDowell
Linda Ascherl
Dean Combs
Monte Fitzpatrick
Dr. Willard Kuehn
Bob Martello
Beverly Shaw
Bettie Sipes
La Vaughn Spangler
Mildred Stacy
Bob Watkins
Annabelle White
Marcia Younggren
Bert Delffs
Bob Terbell
Paul Ross-Designed/Funded Barb’s Feline Sanctuary
Robert Dawson
Bob Oetken
Cliff Beery
June Grey
LaVon Smith
Dr. Walter Woods and Iris Woods

To all our beloved pets that remain forever in our hearts

Dana’s – Val
Fern’s – Baby, Sweetie, Cutie, Sheka, Angel
Gail’s – Lacy
Marty’s – Dot & Tot
Eldon’s – Grimm
Heidi Carter for Claude
Jan Farrens for Lady

Shelter Pets: Chuck, Cleo, Kate, Nicki, Hannah, Pa Bear, Goldie, Lilly, Margot, Big Red, Bario, Dingo Don, Blue, Chi, Snowball, Amy, Lady, Ollie-Dollie